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Trademarks in the international shipping industry

Trademarks in the international shipping industry

The international shipping industry, like the rest of the industry, has unique and unique signs and acronyms. Getting to know these signs can be helpful to those of you who are interested in the international shipping industry. We focus on the most important symptoms in this article.

c.c.t = Common Customs Tariff stands for Common Customs Tariff.

C & f = The abbreviation Cost & Freight means the price of the goods including the price of the goods plus shipping and insurance costs until delivery to the destination port.

CIF = stands for Cost, Insurance and Freight, which means the value of freight insurance and freight (fare), in which case the seller is required to pay for the loss or damage of marine insurance.

CIP = Abbreviated Frieght or Carriage and Insurance Paid to In this way shipping and insurance to the paid destination ends and the seller’s liability ends after the delivery of the goods to the first carrier.

CMR = Convention Merchandises Routiers stands for International Road Freight Contract.


CMR TRUCK By way bill = Refers to freight bill of lading.

Cabotage = The transportation of goods between ports of one country refers to the transportation of goods from one port to another along the coast and coastal trade.

Carrier = refers to the carrier. One of the most important tasks of international shipping companies is the Kerry.

Forwarder = Forwarder refers to a service in which a person or a law firm provides for the transfer of goods from one country to another in exchange for remuneration.

B / L Received for shipment = means a bill of lading. All goods need to receive a bill of lading to cross the border.

D.A.F = The abbreviation Delivered at frontier is referred to as the delivery operation at the inlet boundary of the destination.

D.C.P = Freight or Carriage Paid to In this way freight is paid to the destination and the seller’s responsibility ends after the goods are delivered to the first carrier.

D.D.P = Delivered Duty Paid stands for Delivered Duty Paid After Customs Duty.

E.A.R = Abbreviation for Erection All Risk Insurance means insurance to cover damages in the event of accidents and all disasters and risks.

F.A.S = stands for Free Alongside Ship, which is the delivery of goods next to the carrier.

F.I.O = Free In and Out is the acronym for the buyer where all costs of loading and unloading at the destination are borne by the buyer.

F.O.A = Abbreviated Free On Airport means price quotation based on delivery of goods to air carrier of origin.

F.O.B = Abbreviated Free On Board means price based on delivery of goods on board ship.

F.O.R = Free On Rail stands for Price Based Delivery on Train Wagon.

F.O.T = Free On Truck stands for Price Based Delivery On Truck.

F.P.A = Abbreviated Free From Particular Average means uninsured for special damages.

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