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International shipping

International shipping

International shipping

International shipping means the movement of goods from one country to another, which is done in accordance with international laws and regulations.

International Shipping Company:

International Freight Company means a legal entity established in accordance with international transit rules in order to transport goods through one (sea freight, land freight, air freight and rail freight). he is doing it.

Transit of goods:

The transport of goods from a customs-controlled country to the customs of the country of destination is transferred to the customs of the country of destination.


Refers to a document that is exported under international law and is non-tradable. Trucks carrying goods to the Member States of these regulations do not need to visit the destination country if they are properly sealed in the country of origin.

Carrier activity:

Carrier activity involves the immediate transfer of goods from one country to another by one of the transports (air transport – sea transport – land transport – rail transport) under the contract.

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